Our planet is full of suffering and pain!

Super  Painkiller

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Pain #1

Boring messages

For adding color to our messages, we have few tools: GIFs, animated GIFs, emojis. It's boring, flat and trite. It is a pain.

There is little creativity and dynamics in this. There is no interaction in this - you can't interact with the pictures.

Qwakly provides a revolutionary way to make a message fresh and exceptional.

You can create animated pages and micro-games in seconds and without registration, and then send it to your buddy.

Pain #2

It is impossible to create a website in 10 seconds

It is difficult for a user to create a site. As it is required nowadays to:
  • Sign up for a website builder. It is a pain and loss of anonymity and privacy.
  • Learn how to use constructor. It is a pain.
  • Pay money or submit to advertising.
Qwakly provides the ability to create websites in seconds and without registration.

Qwakly is a cloud-based site builder and alternative to Wix for building casual websites.

Pain #3

Free game widgets

It is difficult for a webmaster to insert a fun interactive animation or game into their site.
It is a pain. And the price is high for game widgets if you order from game developers.

A webmaster can place any Qwakly game as a widget on his site in seconds and without registration.

Unlike most competitors, Qwakly allows you to insert a reaction to a win, for example, moving to another page.

How place Qwakly in my site?

Widget with the game

Assemble this puzzle.

Widget with the game

Shoot to victory

Pain #4

Standardized Documents

Any document should be read and studied carefully. Because on the second page, a lot of unexpected things can be written in small print.

Qwakly provides rigid (immutable) documents. You can sign them without doubt.

In qwakly documents, only certain fields can be changed, such as the last name or the amount of money. This is good because it can be signed immediately and without any doubt, unlike the usual agreement, which must be read in small print for pitfalls.

Just like seeing a “mit license” you immediately understand what it is about, the same is way as it is with “Qwakly NDA”.

Qwakly stores all data in the URL!


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